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A neighborhood favorite!

Saturday April 27

5:00-10:00 PM

We are excited to announce the return of the RHA Progressive Dinner Saturday April 27.  For many of you it is a favorite tradition and for those of you new to this event, know it will become a favorite too. The first three courses will be served in homes, condos or apartments throughout the neighborhood. We're  bringing the whole group together for the final course at the new FIVE TWO SIX Event Space, with dessert, champagne, and live music provided! The RHA Progressive will be a soft opening of this spectacular addition to the neighborhood, they can't wait for you to see their space, and neither can we!


Here's how it works. You agree to host one of 3 courses- appetizers, soup/salad, or entree.  There is no place too small, if you can only host up to 4 people, that's all we would assign for your course. Or conversely, if you have a larger home that can accommodate more guests, you could team up with another member to share the responsibility and/or the cost of the meal. Please note, food and beverages for this event are not provided by RHA.

The great thing about being a host is that there are no rules- you can be as formal or casual as you like and host as many or few as your home allows. Martha Stewart skills NOT required! We will assign guests to your course, and let you know where to attend the other courses. ​

You will get the opportunity to socialize with neighbors, make new friends and share with each other what makes Ramsey Hill a great place to call home.

Appetizer course: 5:00-6:00
Soup/salad course: 6:15-7:15
Entree course: 7:30-8:30
Dessert: 8:45- 9:45 (Everyone together at FIVE TWO SIX Event Space at 526 Selby Avenue)

RSVP by Friday, April 19. You will receive your guest list and course placements by Tuesday  April 23.


Any questions please contact RHA Social Chair Jason Patalonis at 651.221.0273

This is a members only event, so if you would like to participate, it's a great time to join!  Reach out to our Membership Chair, Heidi Smith for details!

Things to know as you fill out the form:

Name: Your name. (Just you, the rest of the members of your household that are participating will be accounted for later.)

Host or Co-host: Let us know if you will be hosting the course in your home, or if you will be co-hosting in someone else's home, or if at this point it is unknown. 

Additional Names: Fill in the name(s) of any other people in your household that will be attending the dinner. Example, if you are "Joe Smith", and your wife will be attending as well, put her name "Jane Smith" in this spot. (We need to know exactly who will be attending in order to properly make the placements.)

CoHost: Fill in the name(s) of the person or people you are Co-Hosting with (or if you are the co-host, the name of the host). Again, we need to account for each person.

Number of People you can accommodate: This number should include all those attending in your household + your co-host(s) + maximum number of people you can and are willing to accommodate.

Traveling Party: If you prefer to keep up to 3 people together to travel to the other courses, please list all three names here, including yourself. Household members will automatically be kept together.


Select an option
Course you would like to host:

Please check your first and second choice, as sometimes we may have to reach out and ask you if you would consider your second choice:

First Choice
Second Choice

This number should include everyone in your household that plans on attending + each co-host + the number of additional guests you can (or are willing) to accommodate.

Are you willing to host a vegetarian course?

If you have a larger home and would like to find someone to help you with your course, or can't host but are willing to help someone else, please let us know below. We'll do our best to match you up with someone. Please note, that in order to participate everyone is required to either be a host or co-host.

I am seeking a co-host.

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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