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Unveiling Ramsey Hill's Stories: Volunteer Insights on Historic Preservation Education

As we continue our journey to preserve the unique history of Ramsey Hill, we want to take a moment to introduce you to the heart and soul of our efforts—our dedicated volunteers. These individuals are the driving force behind our educational programs on historic preservation, and today, we're excited to share their perspectives with you.

Volunteer Spotlight: Voices of Ramsey Hill's Historic Preservation

Interview with Julia Gauthier

1. Why do you volunteer for Ramsey Hill Association?

I started out volunteering with RHA just over six years ago, originally because I was personally interested in getting involved in house tours. As we were newer to the neighborhood, I then realized I was starting to make new friends that I now call good friends. I continue to volunteer so I can not only spend time with those friends but also to support RHA’s work to promote a sense of community and to celebrate our historic treasures.

2. Why is it important to support historic preservation and educational programs like House Tour, Summit Ave lecture series in our neighborhood?

I’m convinced that if my friends have not developed an appreciation for history, craftsmanship and preservation, it's because they just have not had the opportunity to learn yet. RHA does a wonderful job of providing educational opportunities that are also fun, and we have the perfect neighborhood setting and supporters to do it.

3. What makes Ramsey Hill special?

First, I was going to say the homes and architecture, and then I was going to say the people. I can’t pick one or the other because really, it’s the special people who choose to live in and amongst these homes and buildings with such special history and architecture. That is what makes Ramsey Hill so special. It is a shared experience and appreciation of what it truly means to spend serious time in and to care for these treasures we get to call home.

How You Can Join the Preservation Movement:

Donate: Your financial support directly contributes to the success of our educational programs, allowing us to delve into the history that makes Ramsey Hill a treasured community.

Spread the Stories: Share these volunteer experiences with your network to inspire others to join our mission and support the educational initiatives that preserve Ramsey Hill's history.

Volunteer: If you share a passion for history and education, consider volunteering your time and skills. Your involvement helps us create even more impactful programs for our community.

Preserving the legacy of Ramsey Hill is a collaborative effort, and your support is instrumental in ensuring that our neighborhood's history continues to be a source of inspiration and pride.

Donate now and become a guardian of Ramsey Hill's rich heritage!

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