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Due to COVID, we did not host an in person annual meeting.  Instead we  posted the required items online and voted via a google form. According to our bylaws, there are certain things that must be completed each year at the annual meeting. 


Thank you all for taking the time to be an active member of RHA!

Included in the links below are the Ramsey Hill Association 2021 Accomplishments, for an overview of what we did this year, and the award winners for this year. Also please find a message from our president.


  1. The upcoming year budget is presented to the membership for review and comment.  Please review the attached document labeled "2022 Budget Final".  Please send any questions and/or comments to Julia Burgess, Treasurer, at  Additionally, the balance sheet and income statement as of 9/30/21 are also attached for informational purposes.

  2. The slate of candidates for the Board was presented to the membership for approval.  This year, the open positions were: President, Secretary, Crime Prevention, Community Partnership, and Historic Preservation. 

  3. The membership will be made aware of the upcoming year's Board Meetings.  Board meetings are held the second Thursday of each month. In 2022 we hope to get back to in person board meetings and will post the schedule on the website with the current dates, times and locations of meetings.

If you have any questions, reach out to Libby Reed at

Dear Ramsey Hill members,

It is that time of the year again to cast your votes on a RHA board slate, our budget and award recipients. We wanted to gather in person but that would require you to attend, and we know that should not be the case. Voting will be online again this year and hopefully next year we will be together!

We still have had a productive year – from a new website, decreases in crimes, increases in business members and a new walk-about series that seems wildly successful. We will continue to tend to our parks and care for the nonprofits in our area.


Please take a moment to review and vote.

With gratitude,

Cathy Maes

President, Ramsey Hill Association

We hope to see you in person for next year's Annual Meeting!
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