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Community Affairs



Current Top Issues:

Summit Ave Regional Bike Trail 

As the city’s plans for the Summit Ave Regional Trail continue to develop, RHA keeps members informed on the latest developments and amplifies the voices of our members and the community.  


Tree Program in Ramsey Hill 

With tree removal across Ramsey Hill due to EAB, RHA is exploring options to support more mature tree plantings. Learn more about getting involved in the program.

Dale Street Redesign

Ramsey County will be making roadway and safety improvements along Dale Street in Saint Paul, from Iglehart Avenue to Grand Avenue. Improvements are needed to replace outdated infrastructure and to address safety concerns for pedestrians and motorists.

Request to Present

Click here to learn how to bring your issues to the RHA board.

Report a Violation

St. Paul City Council.png
St. Paul City Council 

As the legislative body, the City Council is responsible for setting City policy through ordinances and resolutions. The Council also has sole responsibility for adopting the City’s budget. The Council legislates by passing Ordinances which become City laws. The Council also makes performance auditing decisions and monitors the operation and performance of city agencies and holds regular oversight hearings on city departments to determine how programs are working and whether budgeted funds are being spent well.  

In its decision-making roles, the City Council actively involves public through its weekly public meetings.  

RHA meets quarterly with Ramsey Hill’s Ward 1 City Council member, Russel Balenger to share member issues and topics of interest. 

Summit-University Planning Council

RHA holds a seat on the Summit University Planning Council (SUPC). In our newsletters, we'll include a short summary of the SUPC Board of Directors meeting which happens monthly.  

Examples of what are reviewed and acted on are often outside the area that is Ramsey Hill but often inside too. Underused buildings, proposals to use such space as an Ethnic centered community center and grocery are examples. Vacant land proposed to be utilized as new housing is another. These are all efforts to improve St. Paul. 


Upcoming Meetings: Aug 22 6 pm 

Metropolitan Council.png
Metropolitan Council

The Metropolitan Council is the regional policy-making body, planning agency, and provider of essential services in the seven-county Twin Cities metro area. Their mission is to foster efficient and economic growth for a prosperous region. 

Policy-making, planning, and coordination 

The 17-member Metropolitan Council is a policy-making board that guides the strategic growth of the metro area. They partner with 181 cities and townships, 7 counties, other government entities, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and others. Elected officials, local government staff, and residents share their expertise with the Met Council by serving on key advisory committees. 

Click HERE for council contact information.

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