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For any violations or issues observed you can call the city for reporting or resolution. RHA is not an organization that polices the area looking for code and or license violations or potential violations. However, we are a resource for neighbors concerned about a situation they see that might be a problem. 

Call the city complaint line number at 651-266-8989, and keep calling until you reach a staff person (do not leave a message), and it will result in:  

  1. First call reports the item and a staff person checks codes for compliance and then visits the address. 

  1. If a violation exists, a letter is sent to the property owner(s) instructing them to remedy the situation within a set number of days. Failure to remedy will result in a fine and the city will remedy the issue. 

City Contact Number: 651-266-8989 

Examples from past interactions are things like: 

  • Inoperable vehicles visible from the street or parked on the street 

  • Junk visible from the street that has been there with no evidence that the owner intends to remove the material 

  • Non-code-compliant structures and or unlicensed structures on the property 

  • Wildlife taking up residence in a building 

  • Graffiti that the owners are not removing 

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