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RHA Operating Model



Ramsey Hill Association (RHA) is a membership organization that builds connected communities that celebrate our rich history and keep our diverse neighborhood safe. RHA supports programs and activities around historic preservation, neighborhood social events, parks and gardens, community partnerships, and crime prevention.  

Join RHA and become involved in the neighborhood—engaged communities are thriving communities. We offer several ways for you to support and participate in the organization, no matter your interest or time. 


We envision a vital, diverse and connected neighborhood built on our unique historic character that brings people together.  

As we lay out in our operating model, we have many ways for your voice to be heard and we will be re-enforcing that in all our future communications. This operating model largely follows three core channels of engagement; be informed, get engaged, amplify your voice. 

RHA Education

For the first channel, we will be increasing the opportunities to read, attend, and propose educational material, meetings, and lectures. 

RHA Visibility

For the second, we will be increasing the visibility and accessibility of both RHA Board Meetings and SUPC Board Meetings, of which RHA is a Board Member. 

RHA Amplification

For the third, we will be formalizing how RHA can bring your cause to either the SUPC or our City Council Member to ensure your voice is amplified.  

General Options for Member Engagement:
Join Board and/or Committees See Current Openings
Request to Present
Learn More

RHA supports non-profit organizations that provide services to children and youth in need in our neighborhood. 


  • Volunteer for the RHA Community Partners Committee


  • Donate to a RHA Community Partner on your own

  • Contribute to the RHA Community Fund


  • Attend eundraising events that benefit the RHA Community Partners




  • Submit event ideas for Social Committee consideration


  • Join the Social Committee to plan and execute RHA Events

Social events are an important part of community building, and RHA is committed to providing opportunities that bring neighbors together. 

In cooperation with the City of St. Paul, RHA maintains parks and gardens throughout the neighborhood. 



  • Donate to support RHA Parks & Gardens


  • Volunteer to plant and maintain parks and gardens in the Ramsey Hill neighborhood


  • Join a Parks & Garden Committee as need presents



  • Subscribe to the RHA Crime Prevention Newsletter


  • SPPD Community Meetings are regularly scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month at both 9:30 am and 6:30 pm. These meetings are in person at the Western District Headquarters - 389 Hamline Avenue


  • Donate to crime prevention initiatives like National Night Out

RHA is committed to keeping residents informed about crime prevention, learning opportunities and critical public safety incidents. 


The RHA is committed to celebrating and preserving the neighborhood’s rich history, through education, programming and engaging with the City of St. Paul on building and redevelopment projects. 


  • The RHA will help amplify presented concerns of members, by bringing up the issue to the Summit-University Planning Commission(SUPC) or to our St. Paul Council Representative during our quarterly meetings.  

  • RHA attends St. Paul Heritage Preservation Meetings (when agenda includes an item in our neighborhood.) 

  • RHA will provide information regarding neighborhood development projects and initiatives. 


  • Attend events that are specifically designed to educate members on the history of the neighborhood, such as lecture series and presentations.


  • RHA will share information regarding Historic Preservation in the neighborhood


  • If a member is concerned about an issue regarding historic preservation efforts in the neighborhood, they may request to present that issue to the board.

    • The board would then decide on the following actions:

      • Note the issue in the minutes

      • Elevate the issue to the SUPC

      • and/or bring the issue to the attention of Council Member during quarterly meetings

Open Board Chair Positions and Sub-Committees

RHA is looking for members who would be interested in the opportunity to work on several RHA initiatives throughout the year. If you love Ramsey Hill, want to get to know your neighbors and become more involved in the community--we would love to have you!

Board Chair Positions

  • Business Liaison  

  • Community Partnership Chair. 

  • Fundraising Chair

Member Committees

  • Historic preservation events/education

  • Community affairs (examples: EAB trees, issues for the city, etc)

  • Writers 

  • Social events

  • Parks & Gardens planting & programs

  • Community fundraising

  • New membership

Contact if you are interested.

Open Positons
Requet to Present
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