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With the Summit Avenue Regional Trail Master Plan under way, RHA has moved to solicit feedback from neighborhood residents and engage both concerned groups and the City to help provide a voice for our community. Below you fill find updates of informational meetings and updates between the city and the RHA. (Most recent updates listed first)

June 2, 2023

The St. Paul City Council voted last week to approve the Summit Avenue Regional Trail (SART) plan. The plan now heads to Mayor Melvin Carter for final approval.

RHA has been vocal, both in person and in writing with the City regarding the trail. We believe the 6-1 vote to approve neither reflects the true position of our neighborhood nor the split 4-3 vote by the Parks and Recreation Commission. This will be discussed at RHA's next meeting with CM Balenger.

April 13, 2023

At the Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting, RHA President Jacob Walls spoke at the meeting to offer RHA’s perspective and submitted the written statement below to the Commission, based on member feedback and member survey responses to the SART proposal.

Letter to Parks & Recreation Commission,

The Ramsey Hill Assocation (RHA) represents over 370 households across the Ramsey Hill neighborhood. Over the past year, RHA has been actively engaged with our members regarding the Summit Avenue Regional Trail proposal. The overwhelming majority of our members have consistently and firmly opposed these proposals. There are broad based and grounded reasons for this opposition. The historic nature of Ramsey Hill is a state treasure, let alone a national one. Our wide streets, our boulevards, our treescape, and the historic architecture of this neighborhood have for generations required vigilant protection from tactical modernization and nearsighted renovations. These grass root efforts have been the lifeblood of the neighborhood and have saved countless houses from demolition and have brought back priceless public artwork and Gardenscapes into the heart of this capital city. Our engaged members and residents have carried this tradition forward in an effort to preserve this neighborhood for future generations to enjoy and live in.

The proposed Summit Avenue Regional Trail has created a mood of tension and distrust between our neighborhood and the City of Saint Paul. As mentioned, the overwhelming majority of RHA’s membership have demonstrated firm opposition to the trail and this position continues to grow. We believe RHA has a responsibility to amplify the voices of its members and the community. We are committed to that purpose, and we believe our members have been steadfastly clear in their opposition to the City’s Trail proposal.

Last summer, RHA sponsored an event with SARPA and SOS to raise awareness of the City’s early proposal. That turnout of over 150 was not just a strong reflection of our membership but also a fraction of the thousands of neighbors signing to petition the City of Saint Paul against the current proposal. In the weeks and months that followed, we have engaged with the City of Saint Paul across multiple members and channels and have held an official recorded meeting with Parks and Recreation. RHA has regularly solicited feedback from our members and neighbors, and these meetings were opportunities to directly convey those questions, concerns and expectations. This feedback to RHA and Parks & Recreation consistently and increasingly reflects the sentiments above. More recently, RHA has met with our City Council Member, Russel Balenger to convey these concerns and ensure the City Council was aware of the general mood and position of the neighborhood.

Considering all the above, RHA believes Parks & Recreation and the City of Saint Paul should remediate its proposals and ensure majority local resident buy-in is gained before proceeding in any material changes to the infrastructure of our State Capital’s Historic Ramsey Hill.

Jacob Walls,
President, Ramsey Hill Association

March 16, 2023
Summit Avenue Regional Trail Resources:
Summit Avenue Regional Trail community engagement website:
The City Parks and Recreation Department will engage community members to inform and develop a Regional Trail Plan for Summit Avenue that reviews the corridor from the Mississippi River to Downtown Saint Paul. This plan will evaluate opportunities, constraints, and feasibility of a regional trail facility within the corridor and will serve as a guide to future transportation, pedestrian, and parkway improvements.

Safer Summit
Summit Avenue can be both beautiful and safe. The City of St. Paul is going to rebuild Summit Avenue over the next few years. This is a once in a generation chance to update the street. Voice your support for safer walking, biking, and driving options on Summit. Help make this vital corridor accessible to ALL.

S.O.S. Save our Street
Summit Avenue is Saint Paul’s treasured, historic street. SOS stands for Save Our Street because Summit belongs to all of Saint Paul, it is OUR flagship street. And people far beyond our capital city have signed our SOS petition and expressed their support.
February 1, 2023
The draft 90% Regional Trail Plan is now available for public comment online
  • 90% Draft: Document can be viewed HERE (please note the file size is large, downloading file will be necessary to review)
  • 90% Draft: Public comments Link Here
  • A brief video is also available outlining the proposed trail facility. Video Link
Public comments received on the 90% draft in February will be compiled and published on the project website.
There will be additional public comment opportunities available through meeting structures (Parks and Rec Commission, Met Council Parks and Open Space Committee, Met Council Board) when the final plan is reviewed for formal approval in 2023.  These are noted in the project timeline below.
Summit Ave_Project Timeline-1.png
October 19, 2022
The City of St. Paul hosted an Open House in October.
Details here: Open House Details
September 19, 2022

RHA hosted a meeting with Saint Paul Parks and Recreation on September 19th regarding the Summit Avenue Regional Trail proposal. During this meeting, we posed questions raised from the neighborhood and asked the City to provide answers, insight and opportunities for further engagement. Please watch the video below for more information.

Questions Received from Ramsey Hill Association in DAC Summary of Feedback Form – July 2022:

  • Who maintains the green buffers?
  • Where does the snow go when it is shoveled from the bike path onto private driveways and Vice versa?
  • Where do trash and recycling go when there’s no alley and the only place to put the receptacles are in the street? Or bike lanes?
  • How do moving trucks, delivery vehicles etc. access properties?
  • Where does the overflow of cars go when huge events are held at the Cathedral or any of the churches, schools and special events centers that rely on folks needing to park nearby?
  • Many are asking what alternative routes were looked at?
  • Why Summit?
  • Why connect a trail that is already connected?
  • Where’s the plan for Kellogg to the Cathedral?
  • Were any constituents and taxpayers asked about the need prior to this complicated process being undertaken?
August 28, 2022

We are scheduling a meeting with the RHA Board and City for mid-September. Please submit your latest and newest questions about the Summit Avenue Regional Trail proposals by September 19. Our plan is to record and share this conversation.

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