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SART Update | June 2, 2022

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Thank you to the members who attended the meeting on Monday to hear Save Our Street. We have shared your questions with the city and continue to have conversations with them as the plan “rolls the road”. Plan on end-of-the week updates from us.

The RHA Board of Directors has not taken a stance either for or against the Summit Avenue proposal since is not complete, and the city is still taking input. I (Cathy Maes) do think that it is fair to say that a majority of the board is not in favor of tree loss.

The city will be giving RHA weekly updates and we will communicate the plans as they progress. We do know that Parks had a meeting with Public Works this week to review the plan in greater detail. Once there is a plan that doesn’t have so many moving parts and pieces, we will schedule another listening session for city staff to present face-to-face.

Here are your questions from Monday (shared with the city):

  • HPC has not been actively part of the process. Concern that we could lose historic district designation and funding that comes with it

  • Question about the federal funding formula. Is that the motivation driving this proposal?

  • Has there been an environmental study done? (Tom responded that the City had not done one)

  • Comment on destroying the symmetry of the Summit Avenue streetscape

  • Highlight to Slide #5 as the Better Way June 27 RHA Meeting tsd presentation final version 2-25-2022 (1).pdf

  • Comment on inclusiveness???? I did not know how/if this was relevant. We have not chosen the path for the trail.

  • Possibility of funding an independent audit of bicycle/traffic? Funding for this?

  • What are the economics of this proposal? City does not currently do a good job of maintaining infrastructure. What are the City's plans to maintain this new trail? What are the implications of poor maintenance?

  • Who is leading the political effort to push this proposal? Has the City already decided?

  • Comment by avid cyclist - If City's plan is implemented, commuters will ride on street without bike lanes. Not safe.

As always, if you have any questions please reach out.

Cathy Maes, RHA President

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