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St. Paul EAB Structured Removal and Replacement


The Ramsey Hill area is tentatively scheduled for cycle planting in 2024. All trees are planted through the City of St. Paul's planting contract at the contract stipulated tree size and species/varieties; they are currently planting nineteen different species broken into fifty-two total varieties.


The other route is through a tree planning permit. This is a free process where a property owner submits a planting permit indicating that they are going to plant a tree on the boulevard at their expense. This would allow for the planting of larger trees and possibly planting species and varieties that the city does not plant. The property owner would source and plant the tree either themselves or through a contractor of their choosing. I will review the permits to verify that the tree to be planted fits our criteria and that the proposed site will support a tree. Below are some of the stipulations and restrictions for boulevard planting.


Please note that to plant a tree in the boulevard the tree must be at least 10 feet from water lines and 5 feet from gas lines. In addition, trees will not be planted within 30 feet of an intersection, 30 feet from a stop sign, 15 feet from a streetlight, and 10 feet from a fire hydrant. Please also note that new trees will not be planted closer than 20 to 40 feet from another tree, depending on the size of the tree crowns at maturity 


You will need to be aware of these stipulations before planting:


  • The tree must be cultivated nursery stock with a form typical of the species. 

  • The tree must be single stem and should be hardy to Minnesota.

  • The tree cannot be a conifer.

  • The tree cannot produce large fleshy fruits, such as apples or pears.

  • The tree must be planted at the location as determined by the Forester/Forestry Manager.

  • Trees found to be improperly planted must be corrected as determined by the Forester/Forestry Manager.


They are planting District 8 this spring as soon as April 15th. If you are a property owner that has received one of the City's planting door hangers who do not want the city to plant a tree, please contact them immediately (651-266-6400, Option for Forestry) so that they can remove you from their list. If you choose to plant a larger tree at your expense via the permit process, please complete the permit request on this website. Once submitted an Urban Forester would reach out regarding next steps.

Tree Fund Ramsey Hill


The RHA board agreed to fund an additional $5000 to our 2023 Parks and Garden budget to aid in the replacement of any park tree that would need to be removed by the city regardless of type.

If you would like to contribute to that effort, click on the donor button below and make sure to select "Tree Fund" when directing your donation.

Concerns About Mistagging

If you believe your tree has been mistagged (once the City's update has been made) contact the city directly at or

What constitutes mistagged?

If you have gotten a permit for treatment for your tree and it has been tagged. 

Do I have the ability to petition?

  1. If you received a professional assessment to treat your tree within the last 2 years, but never received a permit, you can petition to have your tree untagged. 


  1. If you believe you have a special circumstance that warrants your tree be untagged, the city is open to hearing your petition. 


Resources on EAB

The city has a number of resources on its website that talk about the EAB situation in St. Paul, its management plan, details on the structured removal, and homeowners guide to EAB, as well as FAQs, maps and updates. 

To learn more about the city's plans and the EAB in general visit the City of St. Paul website

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