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St. Paul EAB Structured Removal and Replacement


The City plans to replant trees this summer 2023. The City has offered an opportunity to subsidize a more mature tree replacement those removed and RHA is looking at options to financially support this for the neighborhood. 


City of St Paul EAB Structured Removal Status

As many of you may have noticed, the City of St. Paul is working through its Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) management strategies. Part of this effort may unfortunately require the structured removal of trees, which can be identified with a green painted ring around the tree. 

After receiving some concerns from our membership, RHA reached out to the city to learn more about the state of structured EAB removal in Ramsey Hill. In communication with the city we learned the following:

  1. The city has done a physical audit of all the trees in Ramsey Hill this week.

  2. A handful of trees have been identified that were tagged (green ring) because the permit for treatment from the city's contractor had never gone to the city; those trees have since been untagged for removal.

Any tree that is inappropriately listed online as tagged for removal will be updated in the next 2 weeks. See link to city's map.

Tree Fund Ramsey Hill


The RHA board agreed to fund an additional $5000 to our 2023 Parks and Garden budget to aid in the replacement of any park tree that would need to be removed by the city regardless of type.

If you would like to contribute to that effort, click on the donor button below and make sure to select "Tree Fund" when directing your donation.

Concerns About Mistagging

If you believe your tree has been mistagged (once the City's update has been made) contact the city directly at or

What constitutes mistagged?

If you have gotten a permit for treatment for your tree and it has been tagged. 

Do I have the ability to petition?

  1. If you received a professional assessment to treat your tree within the last 2 years, but never received a permit, you can petition to have your tree untagged. 


  1. If you believe you have a special circumstance that warrants your tree be untagged, the city is open to hearing your petition. 


Resources on EAB

The city has a number of resources on its website that talk about the EAB situation in St. Paul, its management plan, details on the structured removal, and homeowners guide to EAB, as well as FAQs, maps and updates. 

To learn more about the city's plans and the EAB in general visit the City of St. Paul website

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