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Wednesday, October 19 6-9PM
Hallie Q. Brown Center

270 N Kent Street
St. Paul, Minnesota

It was great to be able to meet together, in person once again after several years. This year we met on Wednesday October 19th at Haille Q Brown for an evening of interesting and engaged dialogue. We are pleased to announce the 2023-2024 board of directors. 


Jacob Walls: President elect

Dan Reed: Vice President elect

Libby Reed: Secretary

Shaval Webb: Treasurer elec

Andrea de Pitera: Parks and Gardens elected for a second term

Jason Patalonis: Social elect

Bryan Whitaker: Crime Prevention

Melissa Bear: Communications elect

Jim Keane: Historic Preservation who also serves as our SUPC representative

Sharon Pfeifer: Land Use elect


The following chair positions remain unfilled and a search continues for interested individuals. If you are interested in serving on the board please contact Jason Patalonis at to discuss these opportunities.


House Tour Chair

Membership Chair 

Community Partnerships Chair


We would like to recognize and thank the following board members who have stepped down for their service, energy and contributions to the board, the Association and the neighborhood.


Julia Burgess

Julia Gauthier

Kevin Hennessy

Andrea Jepson

Cathy Maes


We have a tradition of honoring 2 members annually for service above and beyond whose contributions have made their mark on Ramsey Hill. Continuing a new tradition, a $100 contribution to the charity of their choice is made in honor of this recognition. Please congratulate these 2 dedicated neighbors the next time you see them.


Nathan Hale Award- this is given in recognition for service to the Association. This year we honor our outgoing President Cathy Maes for her leadership and vision navigating the Association through the Pandemic. Her donation was made to The RHA Tree Fund.


Good Neighbor Award- this is given in recognition for service to the neighborhood at large. This year we honor gardener extraordinaire Dick Hart for his passionate work in Overlook Park which has never looked better under his care. His donation was made to St. Paul Urban Tennis Program.


As we embark on some strategic planning to better define our organization and align our mission to what is important to you our members, we held round table discussions focused on these 5 questions.

1. Why are you a member of The Ramsey Hill Association?

2. What do you enjoy the most about the Ramsey Hill area?

3. RHA's three main areas of focus currently are: Community Partnerships ( fundraising, donations to Non-Profits and volunteering), Parks and Gardens (beautification, maintenance and rehabilitation), Social (walk abouts, garden parties and our traditional Progressives). What should our priorities be going forward?

4. What role should Ramsey Hill Association play in local historic preservation?

5. What do you think community engagement should look like?


Look for more communication and discussion around these topics in the near future. If you were not able to attend and have any thoughts on these topics, please contact our newly elected President Jacob Walls at

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