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SUPC April Meeting Summary

The Summit-University Planning Council met and reviewed several upcoming items in April including plans for a Central Village Block Club and walking group, as well as a Bingo Night with Silent Auction.

Plans for the MnDOT Re-Thinking I94 continue and MnDOT has requested a meeting with SUPC to discuss our concern with community feedback responses representing all members of the community. This meeting is scheduled for late June.

For more information visit the MnDOT website.

High School Student Internships Open

Two positions are currently open within MnDOT’s metro district, Rethinking I-94 and Community Connections Office.

Positions will be doing community engagement, communications and outreach activities.

How to apply:

2. Select: Search open positions

3. In the Search Jobs box, enter: “74014” or “Phoenix Student"

4. Select the job title: “Phoenix Student Worker - Student Worker Clerical”

5. Select: Apply

More information about the internship program and qualifications is located here: Phoenix Program - Careers - MnDOT (

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