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Behind the Scenes: Volunteer Insights on Ramsey Hill's Vibrant Social Events!

As we continue to weave the fabric of our close-knit community, we wanted to bring you closer to the heartbeat of our neighborhood—our incredible volunteers. These dedicated individuals play a pivotal role in creating the vibrant social events that define the spirit of Ramsey Hill. Today, we're thrilled to share their insights with you.

Volunteer Spotlight: Voices of Ramsey Hill's Social Events

Interview with Judy Tande

Why do you volunteer for Ramsey Hill Association?

"My late husband Mark and I moved to Ramsey Hill from Minnetonka fifteen years ago. We were pleased to find a home in a historic, walkable city neighborhood, but we knew no one in St. Paul and were uncertain how to meet new people. An enthusiastic neighbor introduced us to the Ramsey Hill Association and invited us to its National Night Out gathering. Over the years we learned about local issues, attended and hosted a variety of events and volunteered for many RHA projects.

In addition to making many new friendships, participation in RHA activities helped us develop a strong sense of belonging to this community rather than just living here. Over the years I have served on the Association’s Board of Directors, volunteered for the house tours, worked on the parks and gardens crew and helped plan social events.

When we are bombarded by bad news in the media, it’s easy to become discouraged about the problems of our society. Focusing my attention on positive things I can do in my neighborhood helps me feel that I can make a difference in small ways. That’s why I am happy to continue to support the Ramsey Hill Association with my time and money."

How You Can Be Part of the Social Event Magic:

Donate: Your financial support directly contributes to the success and variety of our social events. Your contribution helps us create memorable experiences for our community.

Spread the Stories: Share these volunteer experiences with your network to inspire others to join our mission and support the events that make Ramsey Hill shine.

Volunteer: If you're passionate about event planning or bringing people together, consider volunteering your time and skills. Your involvement will help us craft even more unforgettable experiences for our community.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of Ramsey Hill through our vibrant social events. Your support, whether through donations or volunteering, is instrumental in fostering a connected and joyous community.

Donate now and be a part of the magic of Ramsey Hill's social fabric!

Thank you for your continued commitment to building a community that thrives on togetherness.

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