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Book Review: A Murder on the Hill

By Ron Zweber

Many of you probably read the Villager and Pioneer Press announcements of Roger Barr's recent publication, A Murder on the Hill. Roger is a Meriam Park resident and longtime writer and author. This book recounts the unsolved murder of 31-year-old Ruth Munson in December 1937.

In my 35 years of living in Ramsey Hill, I can't think of another publication referencing so many Ramsey Hill addresses, both businesses and residences. The victim's body was found in the Aberdeen Hotel (the site of the YWCA pool today), which was less than two blocks from her rental residence at 276 Dayton Avenue.

Because this was an unsolved homicide 85 years ago, the St. Paul Police agreed to give Roger unlimited access to all the written documentation related to this case, which was very extensive.

Many of us (myself included) familiar with this neighborhood's history may know little about its late 1930s and early 1940s history. This book is focused on this time period.

I encourage you to get a copy and read about an event that greatly impacted our neighborhood.

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