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St. Paul Police Dept. Camera Watch

What is Camera Watch?

Camera Watch is part of SPPD's Together St. Paul Community Watch programs. It is a voluntary police/community partnership with homeowners, renters, businesses and organizations. It is intended to let officers know where cameras are actively located.

How does it work?

You register your camera and provide some basic contact information along with camera locations and coverage information. Your information is kept confidential and only SPPD staff will have access to the registered properties. As a Camera Watch member, SPPD staff may contact you to review/retrieve video as needed. SPPD will not have direct access to your camera and cannot actively monitor your cameras. This program is completely voluntary and you may choose at any time to no longer participate in this program.

How will SPPD know if I am a registered Camera Watch member?

SPPD will send you a sticker for your door, (optional), so officers on scene know you are a member. Our officers and civilian staff that work with camera technology will have a database of members. They can search the list of members for cameras in the area of a crime.

Why register your Camera?

We all know the power of video in identifying suspects and capturing a crime in progress. Cameras regularly help solve crimes across the country. Your simple act of registering your camera can help create safer neighborhoods. It will allow us to identify more individuals committing crimes in our neighborhoods.

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