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Tips To Prevent Garage Thefts

Now that the weather is warmer and we've had enough rain to make our lawns and gardens lush and green, many of us are prepping our yards for a summer of fun. Whether that fun is right there in your yard or out and about town, you may have not given much thought to the safety of contents of your garage. Cars, bikes, lawn mowers, and tools of all types can present attractive targets for thieves. Garage doors are common weak points for burglary, but here are some simple tips you can take to keep your property safe.

  1. Shut the passage door and lock it! Many burglaries happen because doors are left open or unlocked.

  2. Use a deadbolt lock on the passage door with a 1 inch throw and a high security strike plate with 3” screws.

  3. Don’t leave your car door opener in the car or switch to a key chain remote.

  4. Don’t leave the overhead door open while working in the yard.

  5. Lock side gates with padlocks.

  6. Have motion lighting installed by the garage doors.

  7. Zip tie the emergency release on your garage door opener, so thieves can’t disable the lock.

  8. Watch for cars in alleys that are not your neighbors, driving slowly; or making repeated trips. Report any suspicious activity to 911 or the St. Paul Police Department's non-emergency line at 651-291-1111.

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